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October 17, 2008



I completely agree with this post where you say that networking is the key to great success (point nine) due to the exposure that is unavoidable. The internet is massive and there is no dark corner on this earth that has not been tickled by the tentacles of the web. It is a great tool for meeting people and making contacts. The possibilities are endless and the right people can be contacted within a few minutes. This is the positive aspect of “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. There is however a negative side of this phenomenon: there are those who know more than anyone else but are still not getting rewarded for their knowledge or know-how. I find it unfair and feel that there is no justice because it is inevitable that many of the people who have the contacts are possibly going to jump on the band wagon and go for a free ride to the top. Whereas those who have the knowledge are never going climb any corporate ladder because they are left without contacts and forced to use their own devices which are seldom sufficient. In an ideal world, we as humans would be able to strike that balance of knowing people and knowing content. Until then, we can only hope justice prevails.


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